We have lived in our current home for just slightly under a year. For the entirety of that year my wife, Robyn, and I have talked about wanting to make some major adjustments to the flowerbeds in front of our house. Whoever owned the house before us did a nice job of trimming back the bushes and making things look presentable enough to convince us to buy the house, but it was still clear that no...

Taking the Plunge


I remember the first time I ever jumped off a high dive. I was in seventh grade and was a camper at Lake Ann Baptist Camp up in the nether regions of Northern Michigan. Out on the lake they had several jumping off points. You could jump off of the dock, which was no big deal because it was only about a one-foot drop from the platform to the water. There was a low diving board, which was about six...

Give it a Try


This morning as I was preparing my morning coffee, I listened in on an interaction between my wife and my son. My son, who is only 11, was very concerned with his ability to maintain his energy levels for the day. He has several opportunities today to engage in athletic activity and he wanted to make sure he did the right things before heading off to school to pave the way for success in all of...

The Cone of Shame


Last June, the Myers crew added a new member to our family, our black Golden Doodle puppy named “Evie” (short for Geneviève). When we brought her home, she was small enough that she could have fit in my backpack. Today, she’s big enough that she could wear my backpack! We have no intention of breeding her in the future, so we made the decision to have her “fixed.” Last October the deed was done...

Potential and Promise


It is now March, which can mean only ONE thing, the madness is upon us. Every year, right around this time, people all over the country cease their mourning for the end of football, rise from their ashes, and turn their attention to basketball. Nowhere is the madness more clearly seen than here in Indiana where we have our own proprietary name for March Madness, HOOSIER HYSTERIA! Whatever it is...

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Jeremy Myers

Dr. Jeremy Myers is the Lead Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Seymour, IN. He loves drinking coffee, playing music, and dreaming about what the church could and should be with fellow church nerds.

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