What’s So Good About Friday?


A study released in 2018 revealed what most of us already knew to be true; Friday is the best day of the week. The study revealed that most of us dislike Monday’s, are indifferent towards the mid-week days of Tuesday through Thursday, and love the weekends, especially the gateway thereto, FRIDAY! The study explained that our affinity for Friday is due in part to the frequency with which we speak...

Not Perfect, but Better than Them


Perusing social media has become an important part of my daily routine. It allows me to stay connected with friends and family around the globe. It alerts me to goings on in the world in which they live. And while social media is a terrible source for finding fact-based world news, it does provide a very interesting window into the way people are processing said news. In recent months, and years...

Moments in the Middle


In the early 90’s, the band Live released a song entitled “Lightning Crashes.” The song paints a very interesting and emotional picture for the listener. Throughout the song, the artist paints a contrasting picture of two major life experiences. At one moment, he sings of the potential and hope present at the birth of a new baby. The next, he turns his attention to the loss and finality felt at...

Competitors or Collaborators


Our society thrives on competition. There seems to be no end to the means through which our competitive streak runs. It can be observed in academics as students and parents alike tout the many accomplishments through the wonder of social media. It can also be seen in athletics on the local, national, and international level; not simply through the actions and attitudes of participants, but also...

Clear a Path


Winter arrived in southern Indiana in dramatic fashion this past weekend! Like most other folk, I found myself questioning the veracity of the forecasts coming from the host of meteorologists. In a scene closely mirroring the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the “experts” have been prone to sensationalize the forecast in recent years. This has incited multiple runs on local grocery stores for...

A Challenge That Matters


If you spend any time on Facebook, you may have noticed a recent trend that’s taking the web by storm. It seems like every week there is a new challenge, baiting people into doing crazy dances, lip syncing to pop songs, dumping buckets of ice-water on their heads, or other random acts of tomfoolery. While the tone of that last sentence might cause one to believe I am against such displays of...

The True Meaning of Christmas


One of my must-see movies of the Christmas season is A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. I’m not one who talks all that much about things being better “way back when,” but there is something special about a movie for children that so clearly delivers the truth of Scripture. The entirety of the movie builds up to the moment when Charlie Brown asks the question of the...

Santa and Jesus


Santa Claus has been quite the controversial character for most of my life. He was never really a central part of my Christmas experience growing up or now with my children, but having attended some very conservative Christian schools, there were some very strong anti-Santa sentiments. One of my college professors often referred to him as “Satan Claus,” and took every opportunity to explain why...

Stealing Christmas


One of my favorite holiday pastimes is watching Christmas movies. Over the years, I have collected quite the library. Some of them are more modern releases, such as Arthur Christmas, Polar Express, and Elf. Others are Christmas classics, such as A Christmas Story, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. In a strange twist of irony, the newest addition to my collection is...

Home for the Holidays?!


As the song so eloquently states, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” (Be honest with me… you just sang that line in your head, didn’t you? I know you did…) I am a HUGE fan of the holiday season. I have had Christmas music playing in my truck since November 2, which is the first day that Sirius XM Radio fired up their Christmas channels. In my office, at this very moment, I have a 4-foot...

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Jeremy Myers

Jeremy Myers is the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church of Seymour, Indiana. He has over 15 years of ministry experience in the local church. He has a passion for helping emerging and existing generations learn to make space for each other. In 2016, he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from Palmer Theological Seminary, with his thesis focused on helping youth and senior adults develop deeper relationships. He is a passionate communicator and is regularly invited to speak at retreats, camps, conferences, and other events. He lives in Seymour, Indiana with his wife Robyn, their two children, Mikayla and JJ, and their Golden Doodle, Evie.

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