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Lay It Down


I find that the members of my family teach me as much about the love of God as anyone else. That includes my youngest (not littlest) baby, Evie. I’ve written about Evie a few times in the past. She is our one-year-old Golden Doodle. She is a sweet girl and she is under the impression that our attention should be focused on her at all times. This is particularly true when she wants to play ball...

Make the Play


I never actually played football as I was growing up. Sure, I threw the ball with my friends in the neighborhood and played the occasional schoolyard game, but I never played organized ball with a team. It was one sport that was never available to me. None of the schools I attended offered it as an option. The only “football” available to students at Elkhart Baptist Christian School, Grace...

The Pain and The Prize


Sometime over the summer, my eleven-year-old son, JJ, decided he wanted to run cross country for his school. Actually, that’s not 100% true. He decided he wanted to run track for his school and, as per school rules, runners have to run cross country to run track. So, during the summer, JJ went to running club whenever he was able and then to practices as we entered into the school year. To be...

The Forest and the Trees


Several years ago, I discovered Mr. Bob Ross. He was a painter and had a show called The Joy of Painting on PBS. If you don’t know Bob Ross by his name, you almost certainly would by his picture. Bob had a well-kept beard and an amazing ‘fro (turns out Mr. Ross hated his hair style, but kept it for branding purposes). The setting of the show was very simple. It was just Mr. Ross, his canvas and...

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Jeremy Myers

Jeremy Myers is the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church of Seymour, Indiana. He has over 15 years of ministry experience in the local church. He has a passion for helping emerging and existing generations learn to make space for each other. In 2016, he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from Palmer Theological Seminary, with his thesis focused on helping youth and senior adults develop deeper relationships. He is a passionate communicator and is regularly invited to speak at retreats, camps, conferences, and other events. He lives in Seymour, Indiana with his wife Robyn, their two children, Mikayla and JJ, and their Golden Doodle, Evie.

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