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Inspiration in the Obvious


There are many things professors attempted to teach me throughout my years in academia that have long been forgotten. Honestly, I’ve probably forgotten about as much as I’ve remembered. There were, however, several nuggets of wisdom offered that were immediately imbedded deep in my mind. One such piece of advice was offered during my junior year at Appalachian Bible College. The professor said...

Beautifully Broken


Every year for Spring Break, my family and I make the trek down to Florida to enjoy some fun in the sun. We spend most of our time at Solivita, a 55+ community where my in-laws spend the winter. This community is much like a resort and is located close to Orlando, so the majority of our time is spent in the middle of the state. However, it would be nigh unto sinful to get so close to the ocean...

Over/Under 30


Sunday programing on the television was almost unbearable when I was a kid. I remember having very few options of what to watch as the world around me napped. Bowling and golf seemingly dominated the airwaves; but certain channels offered the opportunity to watch old movies. There were seldom few movies that held my attention on those lazy Sunday afternoons, and even fewer that I can remember...

When the Silence is Deafening


One of the most formative events of my high school career was a summer event we called “Wilderness”. “Wilderness” was our version of church camp for high school students grades ten through twelve, college and career, and adults. Every summer the church would send multiple crews up into the Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada to spend a week in the middle of nowhere. If I were to give someone...

Everyday and Ordinary


What would it have been like to actually experience some of the miracles found in the Bible? What would something like that do for your faith? While I love the miracles of the New Testament and would have loved to see some of those, I find the miracles in the Old Testament to be a little more grandiose and attention grabbing. God did some things that one simply could not forget. I would have...

Stop and Smell the Roses


When I was a child my family took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. While we were there we took a tour of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. It was a beautiful place with so much to see and experience. We took a 30-minute tour of the massive 19th century home located on the property. We took a 45-minute tour of the plantations row of slave cabins called “Slavery to Freedom.” We raced our way to...

The Cone of Shame


Last June, the Myers crew added a new member to our family, our black Golden Doodle puppy named “Evie” (short for Geneviève). When we brought her home, she was small enough that she could have fit in my backpack. Today, she’s big enough that she could wear my backpack! We have no intention of breeding her in the future, so we made the decision to have her “fixed.” Last October the deed was done...

Potential and Promise


It is now March, which can mean only ONE thing, the madness is upon us. Every year, right around this time, people all over the country cease their mourning for the end of football, rise from their ashes, and turn their attention to basketball. Nowhere is the madness more clearly seen than here in Indiana where we have our own proprietary name for March Madness, HOOSIER HYSTERIA! Whatever it is...

Room Temperature


It’s no secret that I am a big fan of coffee. I am what you might call a bit of a coffee snob. I have brands and even specific roasts and blends of beans that I prefer over others, but I can drink it all. Generally, if you come into my office you will find an assortment of coffee mugs and water bottles on my desk. One of those vehicles for liquid delivery will have some form of coffee in it. I...

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Jeremy Myers

Jeremy Myers is the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church of Seymour, Indiana. He has over 15 years of ministry experience in the local church. He has a passion for helping emerging and existing generations learn to make space for each other. In 2016, he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from Palmer Theological Seminary, with his thesis focused on helping youth and senior adults develop deeper relationships. He is a passionate communicator and is regularly invited to speak at retreats, camps, conferences, and other events. He lives in Seymour, Indiana with his wife Robyn, their two children, Mikayla and JJ, and their Golden Doodle, Evie.

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